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Kharan (Princely state)

The State of Kharan was an autonomous princely state in India (later Pakistan), located in the southwest of modern Pakistan.
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The state of Kharan was established in about 1697 CE as a vassal state of Kalat, a status which remained until 1940. On 17 March 1948, Kharan acceded to Pakistan and on 3 October 1952 it joined the Baluchistan States Union. The state was dissolved on 14 October 1955 when most regions of the western wing of Pakistan were merged to form the province of West Pakistan. When that province was dissolved in 1970, the territory of the former state of Kharan was organised as Kharan District of the province of Baluchistan (later Balochistan).

The population of the state was mainly Baloch tribes with some Brahui scattered across the area.

The hereditary rulers of Kharan held the title of Mir and from 1921 were also styled Sardar Bahadur Nawab.
Date of Reign
Rulers of Kharan[1]
Abbas Khan
Azad Khan
Nowruz Khan
Mohammad Yaqub Khan
Habibullah Khan
14 October 1955
State merged into West Pakistan

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